Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy New Year - and we have a winner, or two

2016 Is here but let's start the year here with a final look back to 2015. You voted the German Landar R7 as the Best Find of 2015 with 52% of the (69) votes). The car is now owned by Heiko Tegeder who is planning a restoration, together with his son. He says: "We'd like to get it on the track again where we think it belongs. We don't know many race classes but maybe a few come up in the future (I know a track day which would suit it very fine! - JB). The car's body is quite poor and I would like to recreate some parts. The first attempt will be to get the car running before it will probably get stripped completely. All the brakes are tight and have to get reworked and I am busy with that currently. The body is complete (except for one central lid) but of course worn after several years of racing. It seems that they never had a bad accident with the car for it's in a real good shape." Congratulations with your first title with the Landar Heiko and I look much forwards to seeing the car in the future.

Meanwhile, we have another winner - that of the Maximum Mini Christmas puzzle. Nigel Drage-Dawes was the first to answer all the questions correctly, but another player was over 5 hours earlier revealing his list and made just 1 mistake. What's more: he mistook the Ogle SX1000's door for that of a Fletcher GT and I have to confess you won't be able to distinguish the one from the other. He also answered the tiebreaker better then expected. I was looking at the Fletcher GT for the 1966 Brands Hatch Boxing Day entry. He added that for this race a Mini Marcos and the Minnow GT were entered, too, which is absolutely correct! So, sorry Nigel, but Neil 'The Marcos Graveyard' Kilbane wins this year's puzzle. Please send over your address details and a book and poster will be on their way to you. Congrats!

The right answers were:

1. Saga; 2. Camarotta; 3. Foers Nomad; 4. Jiffy; 5. Coldwell GT; 6. Aurora BMC; 7. ASD Hobo; 8. Minissima; 9. RTV; 10. Sekura Mini; 11. Boro GT; 12. Mean Sonora; 13. Fisher Spyder; 14. Roles XS-3 Roadstar; 15. Landar R7; 16. Elswick Envoy; 17. Whitby Mini-Warrior; 18. ESAP Minimach GT; 19. Metron; 20. Ogle SX1000; 21. Sabre Sprint; 22. Mini Michelotti ADO70; 23. Birchall McCoy; 24. Butterfield Musketeer; 25. Mini Marcos Mk3.


1962 - Butterfield Musketeer; 1963 - Deep Sanderson 105; 1966 - Fletcher GT, Mini Marcos plus Minnow GT.

The things you can find in German lock-ups… This Landar R7 is our 'Find of 2015'
Picture courtesy Heiko Tegeder

Heiko is planning a restoration and hopes to race from this seat in the (near) future
Picture courtesy Heiko Tegeder

No differences in doors - Ogle SX1000 on the left; Fletcher GT on the right…
Pictures Jeroen Booij archive

Tiebreaker: the quirky Minnow GT was indeed raced at Brands Hatch at Boxing Day '66
UPDATE: this picture of it was not shot on Boxing Day 1966
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

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