Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Racing Car Show 1966: Landar R6

Oops. I made a mistake in writing yesterday that the Camber GT and Cox GTM were launched at the 7th Racing Car Show, exactly 50 years ago. They weren't! In fact both of them were unveiled a year later, and so I'll have to wait for another year to mark their anniversary. No problem. There were still some more launches of Mini based cars at the Olympia show not to be missed. The Landar R6, for example, which was shown on stand number 46.

But hang on, that number was reserved for Broadspeed Engineering Ltd and their GT, wasn't it? Indeed it was. But Ralph Broad's creation wasn't on its own on stand 46. When you look at one of yesterday's pictures, you'll spot a covered up car next to the Broadspeed, which was the first production Landar R6. Painted on its side: 'Team Landar powered by Broadspeed'. Well, well, it seems that Landar's Peter and Clive Radnall were good chums with Ralph Broad, also from Birmingham. In fact they borrowed model Liz Corbett, too! She is seen on this picture in the diminutive Landar R6 with the same sharp suit in which we saw her yesterday. Groovy!

Stand 46 - were two exiting Mini derivatives rubbed shoulders: Broadspeed GT and Landar R6
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

Hey, we've seen that face before! Liz Corbett, here in the Broadspeed powered Landar R6
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

A price list handed out on the 1966 Racing Car Show by Landar Components Ltd.
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

These are brother Peter and Clive Radnall with the alloy bodied Landar R6 prototype in 1965
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

Like Broadspeed, Landar took a load of accessories to stand number 46
Picture Jeroen Booij archive


  1. That's Rob Walker's Minisprint making it's debut on the stand behind. If we could go back in time eh? :-) Pete F

    1. Now that's what I call a sharp eye! And so we can hop from one unveiling to another. If only indeed...