Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Autocrossing a MiniJem (4)

I would have believed that auto crossing a Mini Jem was something unheard of of, but that proved to be a mistake. We saw a Jem in fields and on the grass track here, here and here. And that wasn't all of it. Chris Higginbotham shared some photographs of another Mini Jem being used non anger for just that. It's a Mk2 I think and the track is Warburton, but there's no more information than just that. But then this went for the other car until recently

Mini Jem in action during an auto cross in the mid 1970s. Red paint is coming off...
Picture Chris Higginbotham

...Knobbly tyres and added holes. Could this Jem have survived the 1970s at all?
Picture Chris Higginbotham

These pictures were taken at Warburton track but that's about all we know
Picture Chris Higginbotham

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