Thursday, 6 July 2017

Dutch Scamp-ish shorty is a mystery

An interesting message this morning from Ramon Goutziers. He wrote: "Hi Jeroen. I was wondering if you knew anything about the Scamp I just bought. We bought it a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately do not know much about it. The car's nose section has been cut off and the bonnet is missing. We were wondering if you knew anything more about the car in question. Have you ever seen it before or do you know who previously owned it?  There is no registration. Best regards, Ramon.

Well. The answer is yes and no. I do have a picture of it in the files that was sent to me years ago by Roald Rakers. He, too, didn't know more then that it was supposedly built in The Netherlands in the 1980s. We do see the original nose of the car on it, which could help Ramon reconstruct the car. It does also certainly seem to be (short chassis) Scamp based, although it could be a copy, too. So there we go. Any more information will be much appreciated by Ramon and myself!

Short chassis'd, Mini engined and supposedly Dutch built. But what exactly is this car?
Picture Ramon Goutziers

The car's nose was cut off and the bonnet is missing. That didn't withhold Ramon to buy it though!
Picture Ramon Goutziers

Mini engine in its original subframe. Unfortunately there is no registration or history file
Picture Ramon Goutziers

But… this picture shows it how the bonnet looked when it was still there. Who knows more?
Picture Jeroen Booij archive via Roald Rakers

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