Friday, 14 July 2017

Help me finding the right side-flasher lights

Okay, I need a little help from you lot. By now I have sourced all the correct lights for the '66 Le Mans Mini Marcos. But there is one exception, and it's the side flasher light on the car's front. I'd examined them carefully from historic images and drew the conclusion they had to be Citroen HY / DS Break sourced. These lights were made by Seima and the part number is 189 or 189B. I found a new old stock pair and bought them. But only when they arrived and fitted them on the hole in my car, it seemed to me they were too big with their 7.1 centimeters diameter. 5- or 6cm seems more like what they should be. I've asked some Citroen people if they know of a smaller variant - they don't.

What I did got hold of in the meantime is a better detail shot of the car back in 1966 with a clearer image of the side flasher in its big (rubber?) holder. That may help. So there we go - what do you think these lights were sourced from?

I was convinced the Seima 189B was the right side-flasher light for the car. Not so sure anymore now
Picture Jeroen Booij

This is what it looks like originally. Pretty similar looking to the one above, but it seems smaller. 
Oh, the big holder is a bit of a mystery, too, or is that just tape?
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

Le Mans pit street on June 18, 1966. I believe the car must have used transparent flasher 
lights glass with orange lamp bulbs in it
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

This is the original hole to fit the right light. Who can tell me what has to go in there?
Picture Peter Skitt


  1. Look a lot like these 2CV inicators, they even have the flat section to wrap in insulation tape

    Available in clear lenses too.

  2. Yes, 2CV lights.
    Here in white:

  3. Definitely 2CV with tape round them, you can see the edge of the tape in the photo.

  4. Seima 3059 has a white lens and is fitted to 2CV and DS among others. An orange lens would be 3053 and a red one 3056.These look to fit the bill

  5. Or it could have been AXO lights these are even rarer and this could fit the bill

  6. forgot to mention it's AXO A306 that's white

  7. I believe they are the same as on the Innocenti, but in white, they were also used on Ferraris and other Italian cars. If i look closely at the photos the correct ones look lower than the other ones. I know the brand, but not of the to of my head, I will have a look at my Innocenti in the garage later on.

    1. Thanks for your comment, but by now I have found out the source. They are Citroen items in the end, but a rare version that's pretty hard to find. I have the correct ones now.