Monday, 17 July 2017

Lavish Pavesi Mini turns up in the US

An unusual Pavesi Mini, turned up in the US last week. The car comes with the Pavesi signature filler cap, wooden dashboard and console but has quite a lot more frivolities, too. There's an interior that's all trimmed in a wild paisley pattern, from the seats to the doors, the armrests, the lower dashboard rail to even the full headlining. And there's an awful lot of burr walnut wood trim, too. From outside we see an unusual chrome strip and built in (and no doubt electrically operated) antenna. Supposedly a diplomat's or ambassador's car from South-Africa, the Mini turned up in Oregon recently with the same garage that has a Ranger Cub (read here). More information is welcome!

Another variant of the Pavesi Mini console in a 1970s Mini Cooper. Pavesi loved burr walnut
Picture Jeroen Booij

The same car, now with the dashboard over its full length. The clocks are placed differently here
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

Thgis is another Pavesi Mini with another wooden dash, but it comes closer to that of the Oregon car
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

And here's another that's even closer, with the radio centrally placed and even more gauges. This car also has the full console 
Picture Balilla Registro Italiano (but you'd seen that)

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