Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mystery Mini derivative (45)

It's been quite a while since we saw a mystery Mini derivative here. This while I still have quite a few mystery cars that could do with some more information. So here we go again. This car was bought by Andrew Jackson in New South Wales many years ago, but he still didn't know much more about it then it was supposedly made in Adelaide and not just as a one-off. He applied to The Mini Experience magazine for more information and then wrote: "It has a Mini engine (1098cc) and transmission in the back, mounted in a cut down front subframe. The fabricated frame that located the top of the subframe looks to have been made in a professional manner. Other Mini parts are the bonnet hinges and lock, door hinges and handles, and the cut down sliding windows. I do not know what the front end has come from, although it may have a Mini steering rack. A windscreen for a Triumph Spitfire will fit." Do you know more? More Mystery Mini derivatives here.

Australian Mini based sports car, presumably made in Adelaide in a small series
Picture Andrew Jackson / The Mini Experience

Engine is a 1098cc Mini unit. The frame 'looks to have been made in a professional manner'
Picture Andrew Jackson / The Mini Experience

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