Monday, 30 October 2017

The Freewheelers and their Stimson (video)

The late 1960s / early 1970s British tv series The Freewheelers has come past here before, but only in 'screen grabs' (click here). This was a series about a group of teenagers who get caught up in the plans of an ex-Nazi officer; totally period and starring a Stimson Mini Bug. I asked for moving images, and now received them. Talking Pictures TV was showing The Freewheelers once again recently and days after the broadcast, a video appeared on Youtube compiling the Stimson driving scenes. I thought there were two cars seen in the series, an orange one and a yellow one, but this appears to be not the case. Ian Wegg wrote: "There was definitely only one Mini Bug used, 'RPX 885K', you can also see the registration a few seconds earlier in the Halnaker scene. The orange colour is the result of auto correction on the screen grab." He seems to be right! Oh - as you may also remember, that one car was found only a few year ago, and it's awaiting a restoration awaiting its restoration now! Enjoy the video.

Video courtesy Youtube / Colonel Buchan

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