Thursday, 15 February 2018

Mystery Mini derivative (49)

Unfortunately, there is no information about this car, other than that it was found in an Australian barn some three years ago. It's also believed to be Mini based, but that's all. The size would fit in with a Mini and the wheels look like they could be 10-inchers, too. It's a low two-seater roadster with the engine behind the seat and it even looks to wear a bonnet badge. But it would be good to learn more about it and its alleged Mini motorization. Somebody will know?

Unknown Aussie roadster is said to be Mini based. But is it?
Picture source unknown

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  1. Hi Jeroen
    From my perspective, the frontal section looks to be pure ADD Nova. The only difference is the horizontal recesses cut in the bonnet. There is also what appears to be a join line just in front of the cockpit, which might be a clue.