Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Blyton Park 2018 is on its way

It's about time I started writing something about this year's Blyton Park action day, isn't it? To be honest, I wasn't expecting to come over to this lovely event this year. I'd used up my ferry ticket to pick up the Le Mans Mini Marcos Le Mans (click here) and so it looked to become the first one without Maximum Mini.

But... things took a turn as I have now been invited to join a dear old friend, who said an action day simply could not take place without Maximum Mini! We'll be there on Saturday afternoon / eve to join the festivities and be there on Sunday the whole day. I haven't arranged cars for the Maximum Mini display, but Tim Carpenter has already announced to park his stunning Unipower GT on the Maximum Mini display. Let's see who else will make it over. I have limited space for books and posters to bring, so please let me know want something and I'll be sure to bring it over for you.

Hope to see you there, this Sunday!
Here some reports from the last four events:

Blyton Action Day nr 1 (2014) - Watch the movie that we made that year (below)
Blyton Action Day nr 2 (2015) - Many Maximum Mini cars. All about them here Part 1 and Part 2
Blyton Action Day nr 3 (2016) - Busy with Maximum Mini 3 at the time, but a small report here
Blyton Action Day nr 4 (2017) - GTM celebration (click here) and many more Mini variants (here)

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