Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Lovely advertised Hustler Hellcat

A Hustler Hellcat is rather rare. The blue one below is for sale in Moreton-in-the-Marsh, which happens to be the village where William Towns created his whole Hustler range, so it won't get closer to home. The pictures in the ad are terrible, but the words make up for that. I've put a blank, comma or point here and there but this is basically a copy of the original text:

"Now if you are fed up with roasting in your car during the heatwave this is the car for you, The wrap around aircon is just one of the benefits of this superb vehicle and during the winter you will have no problem with freezing door locks, it doesn’t have doors. This extremely rare car was designed and produced by the superb car designer William Towns who also designed cars like the Aston Martin Lagonda and many more. It is used daily, starts on the button and will be the most fun to drive. You will never need to worry about the 70mph speed limit so it is license friendly. Great for the man about town and with its large boot space ideal for her indoors to do the shopping or throw in your nearest and dearest. Ratchet straps will be provided to keep the little ones in place and a full child cage can be supplied at extra cost. Manufactured in the historic year of 1983 which if you are interested in Chinese culture was the year of the pig, which is quite appropriate and if you are into high speed Richard Noble set a land speed record in a car vaguely similar with 633.468mph in the same year and if you move the decimal point one to the left this will easily equal the record (downhill). The mobile phone was made available this year and the rear luggage compartment was designed for it to fit in. Also in this very year its parent car the Austin Metro was Britain's best selling car. What have you got to loose? What's the worst that could happen? Buy me, you know it makes sense for the best future investment you could wish for. There are a few little niggles which will be corrected before collection. Speedo broken at present so uncertain of mileage, oil pressure gauge not connected, all items uneffect its performance and is in daily use."
See the ad here.

Clean Hustler Hellcat is seen for sale in Moreton-in-the-Marsh, Gloucestershire
Picture Ebay.co.uk

Mini engined car is beautifully described in the seller's advertisement on Ebay
Picture Ebay.co.uk

Hustler Hellcat was marketed as the Freedom Fighter. It was a very basic kit
Picture Jeroen Booij archive 

This is how you got your Hellcat kit when you ordered one from Towns' Interstyl - in Moreton-in-the-Marsh
Picture Jeroen Booij archive 

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