Monday, 30 July 2018

Rotting GTM is not for sale

Just like with this Mini Jem that is slowly being returned to nature (click), every now and then I receive a picture of what is a Cox GTM or Heerey GTM that is standing, seemingly forgotten, on a Cheshire drive and doesn't seem to be getting any tender loving care. This particular car is registered 'TAK 392S' - a 1977 registration, although it looks older. I think it's an early 1970s Heerey but correct me when I'm wrong (UPDATE: It is a Heerey 1-3, thank you Stuart). What I do know is that several people have tried to buy the car from the current owner, but all to no avail. It was supposedly built by his late father and has stood on the drive for some 20 years now. Although the body shell doesn't look too bad, the floors are believed to have rotted out entirely. Oh - it is not for sale!

Early 1970s Heerey GTM has stood on this drive in Cheshire for some 20 years now
Picture Andy Plage

Although it is rotting away slowly but surely, the car is believed not to be for sale 
Picture Andy Plage


  1. This is a Heerey 1-3 Coupe. This car has the later front end on it, with a mini bumper fitted and the lower square spotlight moulding. It also has the two piece rear engine cover.