Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Le Mans Classic 2018: Mk1 Mini Marcos sold

Despite all the plans, I didn't make it to Le Mans Classic. You may remember that my project car is far from finished and there was no use taking the bare shell to France now that it is right in the middle of its restoration. There would have been more to see and do there, though, with Robi Bernberg racing his ex-works Deep Sanderson 301 and Chris Marsh the ex-works big Marcos. Meanwhile, another Mk1 Mini Marcos was being offered for sale at the Artcurial auction there, too. This car sold for 35,760 Euros and I wonder what you think of it.

Mk1 Mini Marcos was restored in France about 11 years ago. It did Le Mans Classic more than once
Picture courtesy Artcurial Motorcars

Wide arches are nicely made, but make it look somewhat overbodied without wheel spacers perhaps?
Picture courtesy Artcurial Motorcars

Interior shows lots of later touches. Gear change set-up is an easy giveaway to the modernizations
Also note steel plating on floors
Picture courtesy Artcurial Motorcars

Yep, that's an A+ series engine. I am surprised this is allowed at Le Mans Classic
Picture courtesy Artcurial Motorcars

Chassis #6034 is an early, possibly 1965-made, car. That's one very unusual chassis plate though
Picture courtesy Artcurial Motorcars


  1. Hi Jeroen, interesting car, I also share your thoughts about elegibility, Also,why would any one hack off the corners of a chassis plate only to replace with a 2 hole fixing ???? weight saving !!!
    two years to get your genuine car to le Mans "Classic" ?

    regards Ian

    1. Thanks Ian. And, yes, I do hope to have my car ready for the next Le Mans Classic! Best, Jeroen