Friday, 13 July 2018

When a Midas Gold becomes a Baumann Coupe

Remarkably, the car seen here - on display at the Reims Champagne Motor Museum in France - is not a Midas Gold. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Baumann Coupe. Well, that's what the badge on its nose says. It is in fact a rebadged Midas that was meant to become a French version with left hand drive. Somehow it never succeeded and this is believed to be the sole car made. Was there a problem with homologation? I understand it is equipped with a 71hp strong MG Metro sourced 1300 engine and is privately owned but lended to the museum. The '44' number plate suggests it was issued in the Loire-Atlantique in the west of France. I would love to to find out a little more, though, and with several Midas experts on board here I trust some of you will be able to do so!

UPDATE 17 July 2018: Well, well, well - it is not what it appears to be..! Full story here.

The sole 1985 Baumann Coupe can be seen in the Reims Champagne Motor Museum
Picture source Pinterest

It is said to be a French version of the Midas Gold that never succeeded. What went wrong?
Picture source Pinterest

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