Tuesday, 17 July 2018

When a Baumann Coupe is not a Baumann Coupe

Well, I was almost sure Peter Camping would react to my Midas / Baumann article of last week. And i wasn;'t disappointed. Peter knew it very well, and this is what he wrote about it:

"Hi Jeroen. It was a real Friday the 13th, yesterday. Not again that Baumann! It's fake news. The car's number plate '44' does not neccesarily say it was registered in that region. The French motoring authorities are based in Nantes (in the Loire-Atlantique). This is a temporary number plate."
I also received a message from Damien Lescroart, who knew: "It has a W number plate. These plates are used by garages only. So 1065W44 refers to a garage in Loire Atlantique but not a car. I'm 99% sure that the car is unregistered as a Midas or Baumann, which explain the garage plates."

Peter continues: "See attached a piece from Gazoline magazine on this particular car. There was also a website about it when the car was for sale. The owner is (or was) an Englishman who lived in in France. He did something in the movie industry but wanted to sell the Midas upon moving to the US. There was no plan of selling Baumann Coupes in any numbers."

"The car is also not 'rebadged', other than it is just a Midas with another badge on its nose. The Midas name is associated with a fast fitter company in France, which he didn't like. That's the simple reason for giving it another badge. The Reims museum offers the posibility to display cars for sale when you are willing to pay for it."

"So there you go. Good luck with the Baumann. In my friend's app group the car appears every now and then, but always in a comical connotation! Best regards, Peter."

Gazoline Magazine wrote about the car in the past. '1065 W 44' is a garage plate says Damien. Peter adds that it's a temporary registration from the French motoring authorities
Picture Gazoline Magazine via Peter Camping

Baumann name was chosen since Midas is also the name of a French fast fitter, perhaps not suitable for any car's reputation? 
Picture Gazoline Magazine via Peter Camping

Peter Camping: "In my friend's app group the car appears every now and then, but always in a comical connotation!"
Picture Gazoline Magazine via Peter Camping

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