Friday, 26 April 2019

Austrian derivatives are looking for new owners

I know of a few Mini derivatives in Austria, but overall they are pretty scarce there. Michael Kaufmann contacted me from that country and wrote: "Hi Jeroen, I am still looking/dreaming for a Mini Marcos or a unique Mini kit car but with our Austrian regulations it's not easy to import them."

"By the way, there is a GTM here for sale. This one is since over 15 years in Austria and comes in spare parts for a full rebuild. I know the person who bought it in the UK and the current seller is now the third person who hasn't done any work on the car."
"There is also a Mini Marcos in Austria that is for sale, but it's too expensive for me, see pictures. I didn't see any UK registration papers and know only the reseller, who I think you know him, too, as he has an orange Jimini. Best regards, Michael"

Thanks Michael! These were two cars I didn't know about! If anyone is interested in them, let me know and I'll see if I can get you in touch with the sellers.

Austrian GTM Coupe is a 1986 car and is said to come with a 1275 engine
Picture via Michael Kauffmann

Work on it was started, with the fibreglass body removed, but that seems to be it
Picture via Michael Kauffmann

In Austria too: a Mk4 Mini Marcos bare shell. Surely a nice project to somebody
Picture via Michael Kauffmann

Austrian rules make it hard to import cars such as these to the country, says Michael
Picture via Michael Kauffmann

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