Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Mystery Mini Derivative (58)

David Woodhouse is a designer for the Ford Motor Company in Detroit but in his heart he prefers Minis and their relatives. He sent over a  picture of a car that seems to be, or have been, Mini powered. He wrote: "Neat little racer. Looks like Mini powertrain. Can this be identified?" I drew a total blank and couldn't find anything in the files that came even close to this design. Anyone else who recognizes it?

UPDATE 13:00: Kees Plugboer writes: "The Formula leather steering wheel is from the 1970s, so it must be an Mini powered derivative from the 1970s."

UPDATE 18:00: Louis Lempereur writes: "I doubt a Mini engine could drive such big wheels. My Méan had 13" wheels with 165 tyres and the 850cc engine could run only on 3rd gear! I hope to do better with the 1275cc engine and 155/70 tyres now fitted. Also, shorter gear ratios are now available if needed."

Twin SUs and exhaust set-up point towards Mini power. Who recognizes the car?
Picture via David Woodhouse

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