Friday, 19 April 2019

Mike's Unipower memories (2)

Former Unipower GT owner Mike Lousada has some more tales to share. Click here to read what he told me earlier, below there's more. Over to Mike:

"Before the Unipower I had an Ogle Mini. I bought that in Essex and only paid 400 pounds for it and that was in 1968 I think. Johnny Kendall had one of the very first Ogle Minis. He was a racing driver who moved to South Africa and he was a friend of mine. Mine was metallic blue and I should have kept it, just like the Unipower! What happened is that I got confused. I was heading to a divorce and thought I'd better get rid of the Unipower at the time. A man from my village was interested in it and bought it from me. But he kept it only for a short time and sold it to a man who fully restored it. This must have been Simon Lee you told me about."

"The Ogle was a very nice car, too. I remember seeing the remains of the crashed car of David Ogle in Letchworth (picture here- JB). After that they had lots of bits left for the Ogle Minis and I bought several of them. Sadly I have no photos of my old Ogle as these are the only photos that I have, left after my divorce in 1978, my ex-wife having destroyed them."

"If you do find anything more, please let me know. Meanwhile, I do wish you well and am most grateful for all your research and time spent finding out about these cars. Such a surprise to see the photos of 'SUR 109D' and to know it is in good hands!"

Mike's Unipower GT alongside a visiting Ogle Mini at his office. All photos of the metallic blue 
Ogle SX1000, which he owned himself have gone unfortunately
Picture Mike Lousada / Jeroen Booij archive

Mike: "The day I bought the car, my ex-wife standing by it. 1972 - I think"
Picture Mike Lousada / Jeroen Booij archive

Mike: "Outside my old house near Cambridge. That's me"
Picture Mike Lousada / Jeroen Booij archive

"And the same venue but with my stepson Nigel"
Picture Mike Lousada / Jeroen Booij archive

Mike's Unipower is chassis number 4 - an early car that was raced by David Pringle previously
Picture Mike Lousada / Jeroen Booij archive

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