Friday, 12 July 2019

Lolita Mk1 still out and about

I understand that the great Australian Special, the Lolita Mk1 (see Maximum Mini 1), is now owned by Nigel Tait, who posted some pictures of it recently. Note the angle of the Mini-engine! Nigel added: "Somewhere down there is a 1310 cc Mini Cooper engine in my Lolita Mk1. The car was built by Henry Nehrybecki who later built my Matich SR4 and it was owned and raced very successfully for many years by a very great guy, Ian Pope."

The car is seen here at last year's Anzac All Historic Race Meeting at Mallala
Picture John Lemm

Mini engine in Australian Lolita Mk1 is a 1310 mounted at the back and canted at a firm degree
Picture Nigel Tait

A plate over the engine's backside protects block and displays double Weber
Picture Nigel tait

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