Thursday, 4 July 2019

MoBi-One found: the Bishops speak

MoBi-One has been found (click here) and its creator, Morris Bishop, contacts me from Spain:
"Hi Jeroen. Wow, that is a surprise. I am just coming up to my 89th birthday so it is not now of any interest in acquiring MoBi-One, but I will spread the word of its existence. Warm regards, Morris"

His son Graham messaged me also: "Thanks for spotting MoBi One still lives. Now we have to work out what to do with it if we (his kids) can club together and buy it. It needs a loving restorer. Any ideas? Graham Bishop."

Morris continues on the state of it: "Just to update you with what I believe the four-wheel steering attribute was the last time I was involved with MoBi, which was when the previous owner had it - he had replaced one of the twin steering racks on the compound front system, but he had not realised that it was a left hand drive rack and he had used a right hand drive. So when I reassembled this onto MoBi Its steering became Crab not complementary which made the car useless! This was just 5 days before I was due to compete in the BT&RDA Golden Jubilee celebrations in 1988. I went up there anyway, only to find that there was three 4 wheel steering cars competing and one of these drivers ask me to drive his car. however being unfamiliar with the car I came in second."

So... Morris is not interested in restoring the car but his children are. Perhaps anyone out here who think he could help Graham with that?

Morris Bishop in his MoBi-One in 1968. His children would love to restore it now
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

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