Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Stately houses invaded by Mini derivatives

Well well, another two events missed by me! Last weekend the Chateau Impney hill climb took place in Worcestershire at the stately house with the same name, while the weekend before that saw the Marcos 60th anniversary party at Wroxall Abbey in Warwickshire. These were two events I would have loved to visit and I remember planning to do so at least with the Marcos' 60th when it was announced, thinking my own Marcos would certainly be ready by that time some years ago. No way! Fortunately there were plenty of people who took pictures, thanks for that!

That well known Unipower GT of Tim Carpenter was present at Chateau Impney
Picture The Sporting Minis

As was the Broadspeed GT demonstrator - now in the hands of a lucky new owner
Picture The Sporting Minis

And the same goes for the Broadspeed GTS, which rubbed shoulders with its sister model 
Picture The Sporting Minis

Gerry Hulford's Unipower GT racer was there and could be seen in action
Picture The Sporting Minis

As was Nick Wilkins' famous Cars and Car Conversions Cox GTM
Picture Nick Wilkins

Meanwhile, Mini Marcoses met at Wroxall Abbey to celebrate 60 years of Marcos 
Picture Guy Humpries

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