Monday, 23 September 2019

Mystery Mini Derivative (62): Dutch Beach Car

Spotted by none other than my own mother (thank you mum!), this Mini seems to be a private attempt to turn a Mini into some kind of a Beach Car with a T-bar but no roof. Perhaps something in the spirit of the Mini Mare by Italian coachbuilder O.R.O or the Spanish Arco Iris Mini? Or even this Swiss creation?
According to the registration plate it is based on a 1972 Mini 850 and registered as a Cabriolet weighing 634 kgs, slightly more than the standard Mk3 850's weight. The amount of wood used to trim the cut edges and the interior makes you think the person who carried out the conversion was a carpenter. 
Who knows more?

Convertible comes with roll bar and T-bar but could be the work of a carpenter?
Picture by my lovely mother

Based on a Mini 850 of 1972-vintage it certainly seems to be unique
Picture by my lovely mother

Looking at the push-buttons, a hood does appear to be available, too. 
Note welded-in sheet metal above trim line
Picture by my lovely mother

A awful lot of lot of wood was used to create this open Mini. Note rear seat, too
Picture by my lovely mother

It makes me think of the O.R.O. Mini Mare, built for Ferdinando Innocenti
Picture by my lovely mother

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