Friday, 21 February 2020

Everything is bigger in Texas - not this

Historic Bugattis and classic Ferraris are known to travel the world when a new owner presents itself. The same seems to go for Mini Marcoses these days, or so it seems. Well... almost! This 1974 Mk4 Mini Marcos turned up in Oregon, USA not too long ago. It was in fact sold there last year through these pages (click here) and made its way to Texas, some 2,000 miles south-east!

We can imagine this being a fun car to drive there, but unfortunately it didn't work out quite like that for the new owner. He set himself to the task of further improving on the car and that's just what he did. But then he got a shoulder injury, which is making this a rather difficult car to drive. And so, ladies end gents, it's up for sale again. See the ad here.

UPDATE 4 March 2020: Price reduced now!
UPDATE 31 March 2020: Price reduced again!
UPDATE 15 April 2020: Price reduced again!

Chassis 8102 is a Mk4 Mini Marcos and is an early D&H Fibreglass Techniques Ltd. car
Picture through Michel Lewis

A lot of time and money was invested to make it just what the owner wanted it to be
Picture through Michel Lewis

But it's now ready for another take off! From Oregon to Texas - what's next?
Picture through Michel Lewis

Interior was retrimmed. An extra pair of period bucket seats comes with it, too
Picture through Michel Lewis

Engine is a high-performance 1275 built by Seven Enterprises in 2014 at considerate costs
Picture through Michel Lewis

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