Thursday, 10 December 2020

Ogle SX1000 owner looking for history

An Ogle SX1000 seen here on a picture accompanying a Unipower GT turns out to be in the hands of Maximum Mini reader Stephen Bulling. He wrote: "Hi Jeroen. I am an avid reader of Maximum Mini and only recently saw the items in April 2019 relating to Mike Lousada’s Unipower (click here). It was a great surprise to see a photograph of my Ogle next to Mike’s Unipower. I have little history on my car, inevitably acquired from Chris Gow, and would really like to find out whether Mike recollects to date of the photo and possibly the identity of the owner of the Ogle. I wondered whether you could forward this email to him. I apologize for troubling you on this and attach a couple of current photos of the Ogle following a complete rebuild over recent years. Kind regards, Stephen Bulling"

I flashed over Mike's contacts and learned the Ogle was not the only Mini derivative owned by Stephen, as he replied: "Hi Jeroen I wish everyone responded to my emails as quickly! Thank you for getting involved in my research. I have recently acquired the ‘Broadsprint’ from Olivier Filliettaz (more here) but cannot collect it, due to the Covid travel restrictions. We are also building up a MiniSprint with conversion work carried out by Neville Trickett. He is a very interesting man having been involved in designing/ manufacturing cars for 60 years and still going strong. Kind regards, Stephen"

It is very good to be in touch.

Ogle SX1000 has been fully rebuilt over recent years by avid Maximum Mini reader Stephen Bulling
Picture Stephen Bulling

Stephen has little history on his car and would like to find out more. Who knows?
Picture Stephen Bulling

The same car back in the early 1970s, as snapped by Unipower owner Mike Lousada
Picture Mike Lousada

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