Tuesday, 29 December 2020

An ABC Tricar for Christmas (2)

I hope you liked yesterday's little Christmas story. Here's how it ended.

After an ABC Tricar had been purchased by the Weatherhead family in August 1976 and used as a daily driver for several years, it was parked up decades ago and almost forgotten about. Until son Dean restored it in a record time preceding Christmas. Dean drove it over to his parental house on Christmas day 2020, where his mom Kathleen and dad Vic were totally surprised and his brother Karl filmed it all. Vic is seen speechless and Dean told me "Later on he broke down crying. He said it just didn't sink in. It was all worth it in the end!" 

Dean wants to thank his friends Joe Bellis and Anthony Downes again as well as his brother Karl: "Joe did all the welding on it, Antony body work and paint while Karl did the wiring and the spanner work together with me. They put so many late nights into it that I feel they deserve more of a saying than me." Well done to you all guys, I hope the Tricar will be enjoyed for many years to come!

Christmas Day 2020: Dean drives over the restored ABC Tricar to his unsuspecting mom and dad
Video Karl Weatherhead

Vic Weatherhead with the restored Tricar on Christmas Day. "It just didn't sink in"
Picture Dean Weatherhead


  1. What a wonderful story. This really made me smile! Thank you!

  2. That's a really nice heart warming story to end the year. Keith