Thursday 3 June 2021

Another ABC Tricar found

More and more people manage to find Maximum Mini with Mini based car they find in barns, sheds, hedges or overgrown gardens, undisclosing information about cars that have sometimes been long lost.

Latest is Grant Cox who stumbled upon an ABC Tricar that was previously unknown to me. He wrote: "Hello Jeroen, I snapped BFD 131J this week, buried in stuff! Okay to use my picture but please credit me! There isn't much I can tell you as it was a chance find, while looking at the green Citroen Dyane in the picture which was visible from the road. I will trust your discretion on revealing it's exact location. It may be hidden for a reason!"

No problem with that Grant, as it is much appreciated in the first place. I have added 'BFD 131J' to the list of known ABCs now (click here), but perhaps somebody knows more about this particular Tricar? 

There really is an ABC Tricar hidden there. It's registration is BFD 131J
Picture Grant Cox

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