Thursday, 24 June 2021

Ogle SX1000 racers for sale

Ogle SX1000s don't come up for sale too often, so I'd say it's worth an article when there's suddenly three of them on the market. And what's more: all three of them are fully race prepared! Let's have a brief look at them here.

First is the light blue car, chassis number 004 and registration VJN 392. This car was seen in a number of period publications as well as in an Ogle brochure and is said to have been used by David Ogle's wife. More recently it has been fully restored, using a brand new body by Nostalgia Cars. The original shell is still with it though. Furthermore it comes with FIA-spec 1293cc engine with special head and valves, fully balanced Arrow crankshaft and con-rods, forged Omega pistons and a 649+ camshaft, a Weber 45 DCOE carburetor, straight cut gears and much more. It's good for some 120bhp on racing fuel. There's a bespoke roll cage and Tillett seat and the car meets all competition safety requirements.
See the ad here - UPDATE: I understand that this is now sold.

Next in line is a 1963 car, and again no expense has been spared on this one to restore it and turn it into the midnight blue racer it is today. Registered since new as 843 GPH it has been raced in the UK for many years, but was only fully restored to its current condition more recently. Again it is built with FIA Appendix K regulations in mind, this time by Taylor Automotive in Sussex and it is done in style, too. New bumpers and grill were made from scratch and the original dashboard has been modified to fit around the full, welded in, Owens Fabrication roll cage. Swiftune built the 1380cc engine, now with twin SU H6 carbs and said to produce some 140hp! Again there's a Tillett racing seat and all the FIA requirements.
See the ad here

Last in line is the bright red car, chassis number 037, which was sold new to the US only to come back to the UK some six years ago when a full restoration was undertaken by IK Sport Classic of Holmfirth. They took it completely apart and used a new floor pan to rebuild the car. This Ogle had been raced for most of its life in the US and is not road registered. It comes with a 998cc engine now, competition prepared by Acespeed with DCOE Weber carburetor. There's a full cage inside plus race seat and harness and a standard Mini seat and belt for a passenger. When interested drop me a line and I'll pass you over to the current owner.

So... when you're looking for a racer that differs from the umpteen Minis and Mini Coopers available, this may well be a unique chance with three cars to choose from. They can be raced in a number of series events and they'll get you to the Goodwood Revival or Silverstone Classic.

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