Thursday, 17 June 2021

Mystery Mini derivative (77)

This agricultural oddity has turned up for sale in North-Wales. It looks to be a cross between a Scamp and an RTV but I guess it has no links with these. Remarkably, it does use both the Mini subframes, with the standard dry suspension and comes with a 998 engine simply driving the front wheels. It does look ever so rugged and strong with its chassis from square tubing and those big Terra tyres. The seller writes: "I am told that a great number of Minis have been converted in the past when they were particularly cheap to buy and run, to be used on golf courses, farms and construction sites till more modern machines have been developed."

Indeed, this one could well have been made with on of these ideas in mind. Who knows more? The ad can be found here.

Tractor? Mini harvester? Crop sprayer? Airport vehicle? Golf cart? I don't know!
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It looks like a cross between a Scamp and an RTV, both by Robert Mandry...
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No 4WD though. It uses all of the Mini suspension, both at the front as at the rear
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Engine is a 998 and it seems that the builder liked BMC's green paint colour!
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