Wednesday, 30 June 2021

World's saddest Mini Jem is now saved

Is everything for sale in the end? Perhaps it is. Even the Mk2 Mini Jem left rotting in an East Suffolk front garden and notoriously not being for sale has now been sold. The car was spotted for years and years, but everyone asking about it was sent away. It was photographed regularly and every time I saw a picture of it it looked sadder. The same went for a big Marcos joining it. Images here

In February last year somebody wrote to me: "You'll be pleased to know the son of the owner is now taking the Mini Jem on as a project for his first car", but it seems it never got that far. The Jem, registration XCF 735K, all of a sudden appeared for sale with a classic car dealer and was sold the same day, supposedly for 1200 GBP.  From the ad: "1972 Mini Jem, 51,000 kilometres, been standing a long time so needs full restoration. 1300cc engine, Reece Fish carb, Cooper rims, has old style V5, will need trailer to remove" 

I wonder when we will see it again.

UPDATE 23 September 2022: the car is off to France, together with several sister cars. Click here

1972 Mk2 Mini Jem was left rotting in a front garden for ages and was strictly not for sale 
Picture Facebook Marketplace 

The big Marcos that joined it for so many years appears to have ended at the same dealership
Picture Facebook Marketplace 

XCF 735K is a 1972 Mk2 Mini Jem with 1300cc engine and Reece Fish carburetor
Picture Facebook Marketplace 

The Jem and Marcos as many people knew and photographed them throughout the years
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

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