Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Mini Marcos Estates - in sketches

I found myself rummaging in old magazines once again when I bumped into two different design sketches for a Mini Marcos Estate version, both were done by illustrator Steve Kirk but they are different and come from different magazines. He must have been a real advocate for this variant, although as far as I know it never materialized. Well a Mini Marcos four-door estate did see the light of day, but it was perhaps not quite similar to Kirk's ideas... (click here).

The illustrator in one of the articles: "There's really no need for the original style car to return although I feel plenty of people might buy a natty little sports estate with non-rust glassfibre monocoque construction, economical Mini power, a practical 2+2 interior layout and reasonable capacity for luggage loaded through the rear tailgate."

And some styling talk: "2+2 Hatchback, restyled front and rear to incorporate rectangular side windows and lift up rear window. Rear end features recessed lights behind a matt black tubular grille with wraparound bumper and moulded number plate surround. Wheel are 12" x 6" chrome steel with centre covers in fibreglass spray finished to body colour"

Mini Marcos meets Lynx Eventer: Steve Kirk's view on what could have been
Illustration Steve Kirk, Custom Car magazine

And more! "I feel plenty of people might buy a natty little sports estate"
Illustration Steve Kirk, Alternative Car magazine

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  1. The sketches look good, though it depends on if the real thing would have lived up to the promise.