Thursday, 22 September 2022

What could have been: 1965 BMC Mini Sprint GT

A wild MiniSprint replica is being built in a workshop named Hanbury Speed Shop, somewhere in the UK but with a window to the world on Instagram. That's pretty cool on it's own, but how about the builder's rendering for a Mini Sprint GT that he made? The only comment added: "1965 BMC Mini Sprint GT. Always been fascinated with the custom variations and Mini based kit cars that have been developed over the years. But what if BMC did their own back in the day?" Nice, isn't it?

It's only a rendering of what could have been a '1965 BMC Mini Sprint GT'
Picture Hanbury Speed Shop @ Instagram

Front or rear engined? I don't know, but I like the looks of this ultra-low Mini rendering
Picture Hanbury Speed Shop @ Instagram

Not just drawing: work on a wild Mini Sprint project takes place in Hanbury Speed Shop
Picture Hanbury Speed Shop @ Instagram