Monday, 14 May 2012

Robinson Crusoe's Mini derivatives

Looking for the perfect holiday accomodation? Look no further. The private island of Petit St. Vincent in the Caribbean can be rented from 300,000 dollars a week. Not cheap, but then this could easily be the best place in the world for relaxation, offering all the delightfull cliches of a true Robinson Crusoe island.

But that's no reason to write about it here, is it? Nope. Miguel Plano from Canada alerted me about Petit St. Vincent's means of transport. You guessed it: Mini derivatives. In fact the very few cars that made it to the island's shores are plain simple Mini based Moke style vehicles with fairground-like bodies, undoubtly made of fibreglass. I understand they are used by the resort's room service to zoom around bringing cocktails and lobsters to guest's cottages. I love it!
Reader Paul Wylde adds to it: A lot of kit cars went to St. Vincent and the Grenadines as steel cars out there only lasted 3 years. The islands are only miles wide and get salt spray from all directions. There should be a few Stimson Minibugs over there too." Is there a reader who's ever made it to this side of the world to confirm this?

Roomservice Petit St. Vincent style. Sump and suspension confirm Mini base
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And there is a hardtop, too. For shadow rather then rain reasons I may assume
Picture courtesy
There are 22 cottages and villas on the island. I'd love to explore it with that car
Picture courtesy
Oops! Forgot the cocktails. Reader says more fibreglass Mini kits made it to Grenadines
Picture courtesy Conde Nast Traveler
Wind coming from all directions gives salt spray. It makes steel cars rust rapidly
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Who ever visited these islands and knows about more Stimsons or other Mini derivatives here?
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