Wednesday, 23 May 2012

MiniSprint Van is one cool conversion

MiniSprint Estates used to be rarer then hen's teeth. But things change. Last year I reported about two such cars being built (click here). Lastest now is a Mini Van that's being Sprinted! Only 110cms tall I believe this has to be the coolest Van I have ever come across. A classic spec rebuilt 1310cc engine has been fitted by now, as have classic Cooper 'S' wheels... Yes, it is non-original but, boy, do I like it!

Classic conversion, classic colour. Is this the first Sprinted Mini Van? 

Both roof as waistline are chopped 40mms. The result is cracking


  1. There's something just right about the proportions of that van, its going to be a very nice conversion.
    A van must be quite difficult to cut down, two extra doors and a fixed grille that all have to be done just right.


  2. Does it really a Mini van or a modified round nose clubman ?