Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mystery Mini derivative (22)

A, errr, mysterious Mystery Mini derivative this time. Simply as no informatioon whatsoever is known about this one. The picture comes from Paul Wylde who knows nothing about it either. I am just guessing: the tall glasshouse, sliding door and black (?) paint: could this be a proposal for a small London cab from the 1960s based on an Austin Mini? You tell me.

Obviously Mini based and with Black Cab influences. But what is it?
Picture source unknown, through Paul Wylde


  1. Hi Jeroen,
    I have seen this Mini before in publications such as ‘Alternative Cars Magazine’ published back in the late 70’s /early 80’s. Yes I understand it was supposed to be a ‘Mini Taxi’ but nothing came of it :o(. Regards Nige.

  2. Thanks for that. I do have a complete set of Alternative cars mag here, but do not recall having seen this one in it though. Let me know if you do come across it. Meanwhile, another suggestion came in from Christian Pruvot: "I wanted to give you an idea about what you presented as a cab : I agree with you but can this also be a car made for disabled person with easy access from a wheelchair and room at the back for storage.
    I have seen numerous vans modified on eBay but they were quite home-made and very crude to say the least.
    Nevertheless, each time they featured a second top grafted on the stock top to allow more headroom.
    XYR 102 may be a prototype made for a show or intended to be one of a little series thus being much more neat and quite handsome ..."

  3. This MINI model was a standard Mini 1100 car fitted with a new coachbuilt Winchester Taxi Cab four seater interior made by Winchester Automobiles West End Limited company of London in the 1960s but was quickly replaced by the much longer and bigger AUSTIN Carbodies FX London Taxis Series.

  4. Hi Marco, that is very interesting. Where does the info come from?