Tuesday, 4 September 2012

This is what they do to Unipowers in Hong Kong

Look at that! It's a Unipower GT, a Mk2 I think, but not as we know it. It's been modified. And pretty heavily too. In the first place the roof is gone to convert it into a Targa. There is a deep front spoiler and an added rear spoiler, too. The arches have been widened drastically, with an extra air intake here or there. I'd put a bet on the interior to be altered too and I'm actually surprised to see it's still on its 10" wheels. The picture was taken in the 1980s on a show in Hong Kong and I'd love to find out what ever happened to this car. Who knows more?

A Unipower GT at a 1980's Hong Kong car show. What happened to it?
Picture via Desmond Scorey

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