Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Unipower in Spanish cult movie

To me, there's few cars more tempting than an period Mini derivative, but a period Mini derivative in a classic cult movie may just beat it. So when I heard about 'Crimen Imperfecto' - a 1970 Spanish movie that ticks all the boxes of bad cinematic taste, it made my day. From what I understand it is a comedy about two private detectives, Solomon and Torcuato - born from Spanish comic book charachters, who sink their teeth in a strange case of murder. I have no idea if the story is any good, but hey, a Unipower GT, in fashionable brown, makes it to the screen, so who cares? It's got the signature Vauxhall rear lights (making it a Mk1) and wears plates with 'M' for Madrid plus an unusual silver stripe over it's roof. Now you know what I am thinking: where the hell could it be..? There is a Unipower GT for sale in Lleida, Spain for a while now (click here), so perhaps this is one and the same car?
Oh - movie trailer below - if you dare. And do let me know if you know where to obtain a copy of the film.

Pretty girls dancing and strange detectives muttering in 'Crimen Imperfecto'
Source: youtube.com
The Unipower GT used in some scenes is a Mk1, as tell the rear lights
Picture courtesy imcdb.com 
It wears period Madrid plates and an unusual silver go-faster stripe
Picture courtesy imcdb.com

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