Friday, 28 September 2012

Barclay Mini Bug finally makes it to the road

Great news from The Netherlands, where Andre de Wit restored his Barclay Mini Bug (A Stimson Mini Bug built under licence in The Netherlands - story here) in under a year time. He wrote: "Hi Jeroen. I went to the RDW (Dutch DVLA) yesterday with the Bug as it needed to be tested to apply for a registration number. It got the sign of approval!! Now just another few days before the paperwork will arrive and I will be able to make it to the road. As you can see the colour is now orange, which seemed appropriate for a Dutch Bug. Once I can drive it I will send you some new pictures with a background other than the testing station. Best, Andre."
This Barclay Mini Bug was meant to have been registered back when it was new in 1971 but that never happened and thus the car will be driven for the firest time in its life soon. Congratulations Andre for a cracking job!

Andre's Mini Bug was never registered but now it finally will be. After 41 years!
Picture Andre de Wit
The Barclay Mini Bug has minor differences from the original thing by Barry Stimson
Picture Andre de Wit


    See picture. Not very sharp. But that was my first car. Build in 1968. I drived it in 1975.

    1. Thanks very much for your message.
      However, the picture cannot be seen...

    2. Could you perhaps send it over by email? The address would be

  2. And I still got one........greetings James