Friday, 21 September 2012

Mystery Mini derivative (25)

Well well. Here is the 25th mysterious Mini derivative that I'd like to share. And there are many more Mini based cars of which next to nothing is known - by me at least. This 25th certainly fits that bill, too. It came via regular reader Roald Rakers and may not be the prettiest of cars, but then beauty is in the eye of the beholder I hear you think. And right you are, as this oddball is interesting never the less. It looks to be an autocross special and is said to be Mini powered, although the front suspension appears to have been sourced from another car. Could it be another Status Minipower chassis (one here and perhaps another here), built up by a privateer in the 1970s? All I have is a name, and what a name it is. This, boys and girls is the Gallopping Maggot. It has 'Chess Valley' written on its Spartan body, which may suggest something about its wherabouts? Who knows more about it?

'Galloping Maggot' looks uncompromising. could its chassis be a Status Minipower? 
Picture via Roald Rakers

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  1. Chess Valley probably applies to the Chess Valley Motor Club, who held regular Autocross events in the 1970's at Springfield Farm, Mursley, about four miles south west of Fenny Stratford in Buckinghamshire.

    Chess Valley MC packed up in about 2000 and there the trail goes cold.