Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Derivatives on display

Thumbs up to Complete Kit Car magazine and Total Kit Car magazine, which seem to have taken the Donington Kit Car show, last weekend, to a higher level. Unfortunately I wasn't there but I understand that 4 Mini derivatives made it to a special display: the well known CCC Cox GTM; a Unipower Mk2; a Midas Bronze and a Mk1 Scamp. The always enthusiastic Scamp's owner wrote to me: "What a weekend! I was invited by Complete Kit Car magazine to be part of a display 20 of the most iconic and best selling kit cars of the 1970s, so the Scamp was on show (looking a bit out of place I might say with all of the other fine sculpted kit cars), but hey ho!"

Scamp may be somewhat less aerodynamic then the rest, but it surely is an icon
Picture courtesy Chris Westgate
It's always good to see a Unipower GT. This car was reimported from the USA 
Picture courtesy pistonheads.com 
One of the all time favourites here: the Cars and Car Conversions Cox GTM
Picture courtesy Total Kit Car magazine

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