Friday, 27 September 2019

MDVs for sale

If you ever thought the 1983 MDV would be your ideal Metro or Mini based workhorse, then you should act now. Of the very few cars built two are on the market right now.

First of them is located in Southhampton, sand coloured, registered 'BRY 193Y' and comes with a 1000 engine and some history including a brochure that even I haven't seen before. It is advertised as "Sat for a few years so will need a good look over" See it advertised here.

The other one is in Taunton, green, registered 'HUM 205Y' and with a 1000 engine, too. This car used to be owned by Jim Wilkie, who contacted me years ago. Strangely it is advertised as "1 of 3 vehicles made by The Bradford Motor Bodies Develoment Company for evaluation by the GPO as delivery vans" further stating "The project failed and this is possibly the only remaining vehicle." That's not something I have heard before. You can see the ad here.

But how many were there after all? More than three for sure. Apart from the two for sale, I know of these:

- A six-wheeler version as seen in a brochure
- A gold coloured car without registration
- A duotone white and red one registered 'ARB 82Y'
- A light blue one registered 'FEW 146Y'
- A blue one, registered 'CAP 131Y'

MDV is seen for sale in Southhampton
Picture Ebay

And another one in Taunton
Picture Jeroen Booij archive

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  1. Hi, I had one if these in the early 90s and I sold it to a scrap yard in Ilfracombe. I was told there were 2 in ilfracombe that belonged to the local bakery and were used as bread delivery Van's. I cant remember the reg sadly but it was a 1275 metre based and I painted it in ford diamond white. I am sure the guy I sold it to is called bernard marradge. Retired now but he was a hoarder of the highest level so probably has it somewhere. Lol