Thursday, 10 March 2011

1967 festival footage

Okay, okay, the Americans had their Woodstock Festival which is said to have been pretty good, but the Summer of Love gave the Brits the 'Mini Festival' that BMC organized on the 24th of May 1967 at Brands Hatch. And that, too, appears to have been quite a day, as you may have already seen on this cool footage that somebody was so kind to post on youtube. Psychedelic wheels abundant in the beginning with Minis dressed up as a plane, a boat, a dog house, a merry-go-round and - goodness - a compost heap. What did these guys smoke? But then at a sudden it gets really interesting with a string of Mini derivatives following. Apart from the Moke with hardtop in Gold Leaf colours at 1:30 you may notice:

1:49 - Mini Marcos Mk2 (I think)
1:51 - Timeire (a cool one-off that unfortunately does not survive)
1:52 - Landar R6
1:55 - Cuda Mini
1:56 - Unipower GT Mk2 (I think)
1:57 - Cox GTM (or an early Heerey GTM, I can't tell)
2:00 - Mini Jem Mk1
2:01 - Another Mini Jem Mk1 (that looks much like the car that was built by Hot Car magazine)

And now with some cutting and pasting... voila!

I have seen a few more pictures of the festival and it appears more unusual Mini based creatures made it to Brands Hatch that sunny day. Among them an awesome selection of Mini Margraves by Wood & Pickett and a few MiniSprints. With so many fans attending there must surely be more pictures..?

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