Monday, 7 March 2011

A thing of status

If I had to write something about all the Mini based beauties that pop up on eBay I could fill this blog with them. I may better not, although I couldn't resist mentioning this one here (click). It is, of course a Status 365 body. That's pretty rare. As you may now only 38 were made but I know of only one such car that actually is on the road. But there is another reason for bringing it up here too: the ad itself. Alledgedly being totally serious the seller writes: "Hi and welcome to my auction for my Ferrari fibreglass shell to fit a classic Mini. This rare fibreglass shell fits straight on to a set of classic Mini subframes. The shell is in good condition and looks very individual. 70's retro and comes with everything needed to complete, front screens, rear screen etc. Just needs dona (sic) car." That's just brilliant mate.
Status 365 shell, it may even be unused. But it's not a Ferrari

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