Wednesday, 9 March 2011

C&SC Bumper issue

Classic and Sports Cars' latest (April) issue just arrived here and it turns out to be a bit of a Mini derivative bumper issue. In the first place there is a story on the Greece Beach Car (see more by clicking here, here and here) in what is my favourite section of the magazine, 'Lost and Found'. But least as interesting on these same pages is the MiniSprint Estate that was used by Rob Walker Racing as a fast delivery van. The car was thought lost for decades but has now resurfaced in Western Australia in a sorry state, but with plans to restore it. Furthermore there is finally a good interview with Anita Taylor, the gorgeous racing driver who managed to beat many of the men in the 1960s driving Fords and Minis. Together with brother Trevor she also piloted a low slong and rear engined Mini based special named Aurora. Unfortunately there is hardly any mention of that car in the article but it may ever make it to an article as it survives to this day and, like the Beach Car and the MiniSprint, will once be restored. Now, go and buy that magazine.

That's the MiniSprint estate in its heyday. Picture: Cars & Car Conversions

And that's the cover you should be looking for

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