Tuesday 30 August 2011

Dennis' Danish derivative

It's been a while since I got a message from the enthusiastic Dennis Overgaard Nielsen from Denmark, sharing his latest acquisition of a Mini Marcos with a nice slice of sporting heritage, or so it seems. For work Dennis travels to Japan every so often and if he's not there he will find some car related stuff closer to home to write about for his blog (click!). Anyway. Dennis wrote: "Here are some pics of my very latetst car. I have actually just bought it and haven't even had the time to collect it. The car's chassis number is 7012 and it was previously restored by the Mini Marcos owners club before it was imported into Denmark a couple of years ago by a lady. Unfortunately it was not done in the correct way. So right now I am waiting for an export certificate on the car from the British DVLA. As soon as I have that I will pick up the car. As said this car is chassis number 7012, and is one of 50 Mini Marcos chassis to be homologated in 1968 for motor sports, as you can see on the attached homologation attest."

"My plan is also to use it for historic racing, and it will be built with a Cooper S 1275 engine and full roll cage. There are some parts missing, most are not a problem to source, items such as brakes and such. It is also missing its original dashboard, but I have discovered that Rae Davis in the UK can produce new 'works' dashboards. The sunroof also need to be filled, and right now I am contemplating wether to remove the unoriginal rear hatch or not. The hatch might prove practical with a full cage in the car."
"This is the car's history that I know of. Please feel free to publish a few words/pics about it if you think it is worthy of your site. I would be delighted to hear if any of your readers knows more of its history."
So here we go. Readers - come in please!

Mk3 Mini Marcos comes in Royal Blue. Sunroof has to go, rear hatch too?

Plan is to fit a 1275 Cooper 'S' engine here to get the car to the track 

Current dashboard will be swapped for a works replica dash

Papers indeed show that '7012' was 1 of 50 homologation specials


  1. Thanks alot mate, iam picking up the car on thursday. Will mail you some more pics once it is home.

  2. Some more pics on my blog mate.