Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Scamps for Summer

Don't moan about the weather - here is the best tip I can give for having open top motoring fun on a shoestring budget: the Mini based Scamp. Hundreds were made in umpteen guises and they are still cheap to buy and run. Besides: the amount of Scamps that's been offered for sale in the last months has really surprised me. Currently you will find three on eBay (Mk2s here and here and a Mk3 here). Or is it a Mk1 that you are looking for? Then check the Scamp Owners Club website here as they come up there regularly. The Scamp club is a crazy bunch and I had fun when Chris Westgate offered me a ride in his Mk1 two years ago at Cofton Park, Longbridge. One day I will live in the country and have my own Scamp!

Good looking Scamp Mk2. It appears to be well-restored

Somewhat less extravagant Mk2. But somewhat cheaper too

Or do you prefer your Scamp as a Mk3? This one looks good