Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bitten by the Bison (5)

Time for an update on the amazing Mini Lamborghini, the CJC Bison project car that is under restoration by our own handy man mister 'Buffalo Bill'. He writes: "The exhaust is done! I chopped the original black bit in two and widened it by 6 inches, then chopped the rear body to suit. All the exhaust box needed was a couple of tags welding to it for rubber feet and a bit of a reweld on the input pipe. It fits fine (it does mean the boot no longer fits however!) and is very quiet - which is no bad thing these days. The black bit needs finishing off, I am going to cut a hole in the middle and mesh it to let the air out and break it up a bit, and the edges of the red parts will need a bit of filler, but it all looks pretty good. The exhausts fit central in the holes, they just look off in the photos, they also point up a little - this looks better than if they where straight out (I think)"

Could this be the only Mini that suit a double exhaust really well?

It only just fits under the body, although it ate the boot space!

That's the good bit. But there's more. He continues: "We wont talk about the new seats though. See here some photos of the seat fitting, this is before I chopped the floor as well. The problem with the original floor is that the seat was so far back that you where looking out of the 'rear' side window, so it looked as if no one was driving! Chopping the floor allowed the seat forwards and gives a lot more side vision."
Bloody hell, is this ever going to be okay again? Our handy man is confident it will be...

Fitting the new seats turned out least as problematic though...

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