Monday, 8 August 2011

Lovely Landar images

Every now and than I receive a real treat. And when Tim Dyke sent me a stack of over 60 quality pictures from his personal scrapbook he clearly made my day. Don't think they were your average holiday snap shots, as the theme of this collection was the rare Landar R6, designed and built by brother Clive and Peter Radnall. Tim wrote: "I was lucky enough to own and race a Landar R6 - the first one in private hands, in 1966!" And when you look at the pictures you will find he was a lucky man indeed, clearly having fun racing his low-slung Landar. Here below three of my favourite shots, taken at Shelsley Walsh hill climb in June 1968. Let me know when you like them as there are many, many more. Thank you Tim!

That's Tim racing his lovely Landar R6 at Shelsley Walsh in June 1968

That appears to be the pit street reserved for number 41 -Tim's Landar

And the pit scene, seen from the other side. Hill climbing is fun isn't it?


  1. Wonderful period pictures. Love the one with picknick behind the GT6.
    I have been admiring the Landar alot in your book. It is like at Lotus 23 on a budget. Love it. Would like to see some (a lot ;-) ) more pictures.


  2. I totally agree. And will show more of the pictures in the near future.