Monday, 8 August 2011

Biota's practical buggy

Houghton Coldwell Ltd, producers of the praised (at least, by me!) Mini based Biota and Biota Mk2 (click here) did more than just produce highly eccentric open top fun cars that were to become an early 1970s icon (again, that's an opinion) . The fibreglass masters from Dinnington made all kinds of fibreglass devices to earn some money, from fishing baskets to bolt-on aerodynamic front- and rear-ends for the Mini.
But more recently I came across an advertisement from the company for another Mini based vehicle they offered for sale in 1970. It was called the Mod and the ad said: "Don't buggy about - get a Mod. The practical Mini fun kit" It was said to feature a two-way folding screen and a loading ramp tail board, so I guess you use it to easily load your lawn mawer/jet ski/refrigerator and drive it from a to b with the wind screen down. Now, that's practical! Anyone attracted to the boxy shaped buggy-sort-of work horse that the ad showed in a child-like drawing was asked to write to Houghton Coldwell for full details. I would love to find out more about those. And did they ever come to actually produce the Mod? Now that would be even better.

More practical then the Biota - this is the Mod. Were there any produced?

Or how about this? A Biota Deluxe Camper available in 'Tangerine' and 'Tourqoise'

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