Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Sarcon Scarab (1 of 2) for sale again

Almost a one-off - the Sarcon Scarab that was built in the earliest of the 1970s by Sarcon Ltd 'Manufacturers of racing car chassis and fibreglass specialists' in Yeadon, Leeds. The one below actually is the only 'production car' with fibreglass body - the only other Scarab existing came with a body in alloy. I still do not know whatever happened to the company but fact is they closed very soon after the car's launch. This one was sprinted and hill climbed in the 1970s, registered 'CBH 336K'. Unfortunately the registration is not attached to the car anymore. It ended up in Belgium in the 1980s with the idea of restoring it. A year and a half ago the current owner decided to sell it never the less (click here) but he didn't get much response. He's now flogged it over to Milko Colsen in The Netherlands who's just put it on the market again. On these pages - click here to see the advertisement.  

Swoopy lines, Terrapin base. Windscreen plus surround are only parts missing
Picture courtesy Milko Colsen

The Mini engine is a standard 1000 which needs proper fitting plus wiring
Picture courtesy Milko Colsen

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