Wednesday, 4 September 2013

BOO! I'm alive!

Look at that! It's the Ogle SX1000 'Super' that was recently featured here as being the car used in an advertisement (click) and driven by Stirling Moss (click again). Well, it's alive and well in Tokyo, Japan in Mister Maruyama's fabulous collection. I didn't see it when I was there, but fortunately reader Colin Baines did. As can be seen it still wears it big chrome bumper, a feature for the 'Super' versions, now with some fog lights added to the grille. Thanks Colin!

This is an Ogle SX1000 with a very nice slice of history. It lives in Japan now
Picture courtesy Colin Baines


  1. That Ogle is NOT the ex Moss car and the Mini logbook with that number plate on is still in a drawer in the UK.

    1. Interesting. I'd love to learn a bit more. It seems the car was in Canada also at one stage, see here: